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Storm and his creator:

Don Lawrence

Don Southam Lawrence, born 17th November 1928 in London.
Readers of comics well known as graphic artist of nearly photorealistic comics like Olac, The rise and fall of the Trigan Empire and Storm, of course.
Don Lawrence
Don Lawrence
Trigan After school and military service Don Lawrence visited an academy of art. Very soon he realised that the 'real' art was not the right job for him. He just wanted to draw comics.
The first real comic was Marvelman, a british couterpart to the american super heroes. A bunch of other comics followed, most of them Western, but also some historical adventure comics.
Later he had the oportunity to participate at Thunderbirds are go, a science-fiction comic series. But all these comics based only on TV stories.
He had his breakthrough with The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire after texts of the well known SF author Mike Butterworth. After all Don Lawrence could draw a comic the way he liked, in the tradition of the drawer Frank Bellamy.
As so many stories Storm started in a different way than its later development. After changin his publisher Don Lawrence met Martin Lodewijk. But the first story was written with Vince Wernham. Together they developed the predecessor of Storm: Commander Grek.
Unfortunately the publisher was not pleased. Characters and story were 'too weak' and Commander Grek was not published.
Storm - Commander Grek
Storm - Commander Grek
Storm Collage Together with Martin Lodewijk Don Lawrence searched for another author. The first story of Storm, The vanished ocean, was a cooperation with Philip (Saul) Dunn who already had published some SF books.
This first story has quite a similarity to Commander Grek. Storm returns to Earth after a journey through space. The oceans have vanished and mankind has fallen back to barbarianism. Redhair, Storms companion, also made it from Grek to Storm.
The Marin Lodewijk wrote The new world. The next adventure Don Lawrence wrote with Dick Matena and Kevin Gosnell. The nineth story he wrote totally on his own.
The Martin Lodewijk came back. The heroes Storm and Redhair were sent to a journey through worlds nobody heard about. This teamwork of Don Lawrence and Martin Lodewijk made a new beginning for Storm. The new adventures, beginning with story number ten, were named by Martin Lodewijk with: The Pandarve Chronicles
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Storm and his creator Further information Storm, the comic

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Storm and his creator Further information Storm, the comic

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