The story of STORM

Books 1 to 5

STORM is an astronaut, somewhere in the 21. Century. During a routine flight there is a cosmic twister and STORM is thrown thousands of years into the future. He finds earth as a savage and barbarian planet, carrying only pieces of civilisations that have passed away a long time ago. Very soon STORM realises that there is no return to his own time.

A list of titels available in Germany follows. The actual books are on the left side. On the right you can find the titles of the first publicaton. These books are only available at collectors exchanges.

Storm Book 1 Book 1, "Das verschwundene Meer", first published as "Die großen Phantastic-Comics" Book 3.
Drawings: Don Lawrence, Text: Saul Dunn.
Storm has to investigate the large red mark of the planet Jupiter. This journey ends in a disaster and Storm returns to earth thousands of years later. The seas have disappeared, the whole face of the earth has changed. Mankind has been droped back to barbarianism. Storm is imprisoned but is able to escape with a woman called "Redhair". She accompanies our hero on his search for the reason of all the changes.
Phantastic Comics 3
Storm Book 2 Book 2, "Die neue Welt", first published as "Die großen Phantastic-Comics" Book 6.
Drawings: Don Lawrence, Text: Martin Lodewijk.
Storm and Redhair are captured again. They are sold to a circus as slaves and Storm is trained as a gladiator. In the next city a friend of Storm is killed in a manipulated fight. Very angry Storm hits the local champion. To escape the death penalty Storm is given to the city as their new champion. Redhair is held back as hostage so that Storm fights in the "Palais of Death" for the city. An old guard leads Storm and the warriors of other cities into a giant fortress. After a short time Storm takes the lead as he realises that the figth against the Palais is only the fight against the automatic defense of the station. Storm takes over the station and rescues Redhair. After trying to kill Storm and Redhair the Guard tries to capture the station but he fails and destroys it. Storm and Redhair are wandering on to uncertainty.
Phantastic Comics 6
Storm Book 3 Book 3, "Das Volk der Wüste", first published as "Die großen Phantastic-Comics" Book 9.
Drawings: Don Lawrence, Text: Dick Matena.
On their journey through a desert Storm and Redhair are brought to a city by Prov, a scientist, and his accomplice Bajo. Prov has designed a new human race that can survive in the desert. He transformed many people into "Whites". He wants to have Storm and Redhair as his "Adam and Eve" for his new race. Finally Storm and Redhair are able to escape and can help the "Whites".
Phantastic Comics 9
Storm Book 4 Book 4, "Die Grüne Hölle", first published as "Die großen Phantastic-Comics" Book 12.
Drawings: Don Lawrence, Text: Dick Matena.
By an accident Storm and Redhair come to the "Green Hell" - a phantastic jungle of four levels. This world is controlled by Azurians, a highly technified but fearce species from an other planet. They subjugate the people of the earth for centuries. Storm and Redhair want to help the oppressed mankind and they manage to escape the Azurians.
Phantastic Comics 12
Storm Book 5 Book 5, "Kampf um die Erde", first published as "Die großen Phantastic-Comics" Book 15.
Drawings: Don Lawrence, Text: Dick Matena.
Storm takes over the fight against the Azurians. With the help of Mordegai and his subjects Storm can activate the humans against the extraterrestrians. He and Redhair succeed in driving the Azurians away from Earth. Imprisoned Azurians on Mars are staying in the solar system to live together in peace with the human beings.
Phantastic Comics 15

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